Top Ten Picks: 2014 One Maryland One Book

Each year thousands of readers from across Maryland take part in One Maryland One Book, the state’s largest reading and discussion program.  Out of over one hundred entries submitted by the public, the One Maryland One Book Selection Committee has narrowed the list of choices for the 2014 One Maryland One Book reading and discussion program down to ten books. Now in its seventh year, this year’s theme is ‘the American Dream.”

Have you read any of these selections? Do you have a favorite book that made the list?  Tell us below what you think!

2014 Top Ten Selections:

We expect to announce what thousands of Marylanders will read in the fall in February, so stay tuned!



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18 Responses to “Top Ten Picks: 2014 One Maryland One Book”

  1. Hazel Hopkins Says:

    I just finished reading Americanah. I loved it…couldn’t put it down. It heightened my understanding of what kind of adjustment and difficulties Africans have coming to this country and finding out what it is like to be an American who is Black compared to being Black and a native African. Highly recommend.

  2. mary gorman Says:

    reading Sonya Sotomayer’s My Beloved World. it is gripping. an honest account of a life of struggle to the top.

  3. Ann Dahl Says:

    One of the best features of the program is the “meet the author” tour. Although a marvelous book, I can’t imagine that Sonia Sotomayor would have the time to travel around the state on that tour.

    Loved hearing the author of Americanah at Pratt.

  4. Catherine Mairs Says:

    I read The Other Wes Moore, and I think this would be an excellent selection for One MD One Book. As Marylanders we can relate to the setting; in addition, it’s a book both teens and adults will enjoy.

  5. Jason Mabee Says:

    I am a Baltimore City Public Schools Media Specialist who has participated in the MD One Book for the past four years. My vote is for Detroit: An American Autopsy. This book is very engaging and insightful, and highly recommended.

  6. Amy Kraft Says:

    I loved My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor! What a fascinating woman she is. And her memoir is a very pleasurable read – well balanced and extremely well written. She doesn’t linger over details unnecessary to the reader but beautifully draws us into her own thought processes and drives. You can imagine after reading her book how she approaches issues on the bench with thoughtful deliberation. And her book exposes more of us to a cultural heritage that is an ever growing part of our own American cultural experience. I cannot recommend this book strongly enough!

  7. Matt Says:

    Hands Down.

  8. Barb Says:

    My recommendation is for The Other Wes Moore. In addition to reading the book I heard him speak at Goucher. He is a positive, charismatic individual whose story will appeal to people of all ages. Students from the Baltimore KIPP school were in attendance at Goucher and were awed by Wes. Wes Moore is a Marylander whose story takes place here, which makes it all the more meaningful for the title to be selected for “One Maryland, One Book.”

  9. M. Umhau Says:

    Dear Fellow Educators:

    I am responding to this email and suggest that The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates might be a timely choice for next year’s One Book. I must admit to not having read beyond its synopsis, but having read the selections of the past few years, I feel it is a good time to bring a story that clearly has male characters in leading roles. I also really like that the story is based in Baltimore and encourage its selection as a
    “local boy does good…” tale. It could serve very well to express clearly to our readers the value of choices well made… and the realistic agony of those not.

    Thank you for your consideration and for organizing a wonderful program. Please carry on!

  10. crystal hill Says:

    the other wes moore is my choice

  11. Kim Grimsley Says:

    I was very moved by the The Other Wes Moore, and the fact that it is based in Baltimore makes it all the more relative. I think it would be a great One Maryland One Book selection.

  12. Lea Ann Says:

    The Other Wes Moore! Set in Maryland, and an important and timely topic.

  13. Glennor Says:

    I just finished reading My Beloved World. It would be my first choice as the author typify so many issues in the American society today. Immigrant family and culture, poverty and struggle, determination, and finally reaching the top. Direct, simple, and easy to read.

    My second would be The Other Wes Moore. In a way it deals with the same issues, but in a different setting.

  14. Barbara Says:

    I am an adult reading The Twelve Tribes of Hattie. It is a good read for me, but I don’t believe it’s appropriate for a younger audience. What do others think?

  15. Steven Says:

    I am torn The Other Wes Moore, Girl in Translation, and Detroit: An American Autopsy – any of the three would make an excellent choice!!

  16. Ibrahim Er Says:

    “The Other Wes Moore” is top on my list. Is it all about faith that leads us up to different paths in life? Or is faith just a myth that is used to cover up differences between individuals? I hope to find some answers to these questions in this book!
    Here are my other choise:
    My Beloved World

  17. Iris Says:

    I vote for The Other Wes Moore. I met the author at Goucher college and he was fascinating and such a nice man. Great, great story.

  18. B. Johnson Says:

    The Wes Moore book is too similar to the previous One Maryland Book, Hope in the Unseen. Either of the other two titles will be great.

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